Windows Keylogger has the ability to record all keystrokes in the computer.  All data which is typed in internet, e-mail chat applications will be recorded by Windows Keylogger. And also it is capable to record the actions you have done, such as, the applications that you used, copy-paste actions (clipboard monitoring), and all internet activities (visited websites).
Why Windows Keylogger
Monitor Everything
100% Invisible
Windows Keylogger work completely invisible. It cannot be find from anywhere as, Windows Start menu, uninstall, Startup or Task manager.  Only the person who installed this software in the computer, can use it.
Can see every activities done by the computer through screenshots facility in the software.  Because of the unique technology which is in Windows Keylogger can quickly watch these screenshots.
Using multiple delivery options provided by Windows Keylogger, you can easily view logs from any other computer. Windows Keylogger is capable to deliver logs automatically through E-mail and FTP, without any interruption.
Multiple Log Delivery Options
Your Privacy?
#1 Monitoring software for windows
Among monitoring software which can be easily installed and can be use without difficulty, Windows Keylogger is the number one. Other monitoring software perform slowly though they use a lot of resources, but Windows Keylogger which is created to support with Windows Operating system performs efficiency.
Number one
Windows Keylogger never collect, store or transmit any kind of personal information and all data will be locally stored. Logs will delivering only through e-mail or FTP servers which you provide.

#1 Monitoring software for windows
Windows Keylogger is the best keylogger software which reports you about the activities, your children and employees do, when they are using computer and internet.
Windows Keylogger
Unique Features
You can easily read keystrokes with “Easy Read” feature, a unique facility provided by Windows Keylogger.
It can be configured to monitor selected users and to monitor only in selected applications.
You can filter logs that you need, by advanced search.
It can be configured to uninstall automatically, on a previously selected date.
Windows Keylogger Easy Read
Customer Experience
"Windows Keylogger is successful software which is easy to use. Because of it, I don’t always need to find out what my children are doing with the computer, as I have 100% confidence about the software."

- Kenneth
"I am using Windows Keylogger more than one year. Though it is professional level software, it is created to be used by any one even who doesn’t have the knowledge of IT. And their customer service is also excellent."

- Alejandro
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